Enroll them in one of the best universities or trade schools in Haiti.


Provide them with leadership training through conferences, classes, mentoring and more.


Place them in a team whose members work together to plan and carry out projects.



Leadership Conference


We will be sponsoring 4 new students in Port-au-Prince universities and 3 new students in trade school in the fall of 2015. In April, a new weekly leadership training course was started for these students. The course is taught by our director of Haitian operations.



2015 Bible Day Camp

Dates: August 24-28, 2015
Location: Saint Louis du Sud, Haiti
Topic: Helping children receive Jesus as their Savior and Friend

Bible camp 2015Our team trainees arrived home safely, after a wonderful week at camp. There were 60 volunteer workers, including workers from the host church as well as friends of Haiti Share who came with the team. They ended the week with 500 children, including the children in the orphanage where they stayed at night.  Many children received Jesus during the week, and the children were begging the team to stay another week.  Thank you so much for all your prayers and your sponsorships of these children!

Haiti Share advisory board member and his wife died in a head-on collision

The funeral of Pastor Ty Schenzel, the founder of the Hope Center, an after school program in the inner city of Omaha, and his wife Terri, was held August 26, with more than 3,000 in attendance and an estimated 13,000 more watching the live streaming webcast. Through the awesome tribute of their children, the world is privileged to see deep into the hearts of two people with an incredible love for God, for each other, for their children and for everyone they knew.

Schenzel children

Schenzel Memorial: Annie, Turner, Emily & Tyler

Thank you, Annie, Turner, Emily & Tyler. Your amazing courage in sharing your intimate memories of your lives with your loving and giving parents will transform the lives of many people who never knew Ty and Terri, until you brought them alive to us all.

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