Enroll them in one of the best universities or trade schools in Haiti.


Provide them with leadership training through conferences, classes, mentoring and more.


Place them in a team whose members work together to plan and carry out projects.



2016 Training Retreat

Dates and Place
Sunday February 7 through Tuesday, February 9
Orismo Center, Carrefour, Haiti

All my sin, All my shame
(Tout peche 'm, Tout wont mwen)

Theme Song
A Frame So Beautifully Formed (All My Shame)

Moderator: Betty Harmsen



Young adults: We are sponsoring 7 new students this fall: 4 in Port-au-Prince universities and 3 students in trade school

Junior Haiti Share: School sponsorships and Saturday classes for 50 children

Community classes in computer skills & English

Monthly talent show for 200 neighborhood children

Bimonthly neighborhood seminars


2015 Christmas party for children

...put on by the young adults whom we are sponsoring and the Junior Haiti Share children

2015 Leadership Conference

The influence of these conferences extend beyond what the participants learn during the one day of teaching.  Pastors often take homes their notes and the outline we provide and teach the material in their churches.  Also, young people include the certificates of attendance that we provide on their job applications. 




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