If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face...2 Chron 7:14a

2014 Training Retreat: Integrity is your Lifeblood

TEAMThe 2014 Haiti Share Training Retreat was held March 2-4 in Delma, Haiti, with 20 people in attendence, including the Haiti Share team members and several other young Haitians.

SPEAKERSTopics included personal integrity, relationship trust, integrity in business and organizational trust.

The attendees are already starting to share the lessons informally with children and young adults in their community.


Where YOU fit in to the
Haiti Share vision

YOUR FINANCIAL DONATIONS and sponsorships enable us reach more young Haitians.

YOUR EXPERTISE enables Haitians to LEARN FROM YOU. Visit our training center in Haiti or talk to us to find out how YOUR skills fit the needs of young Haitians

YOUR ENTHUSIASM for our vision enables YOUR FRIENDS to learn about the Haiti Share story

YOUR PRAYERS for our Haitian team of trainees and their outreaches enable God's blessings to be poured out on Haiti.

YOUR PURCHASES help crafters in Haiti put food on the table and their children in school.



childrenSponsor a child

for $20 per month

The children in our Junior Haiti Share program are being trained each week in computer, English, Bible, music, and most importantly, in Haiti Share values such as integrity, respect, faith and proactivity. They are the promise for the future of Haiti, but they need YOUR SUPPORT to obtain a good elementary school education.


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We are now selling beautiful baby caps and many other items hand crocheted by Haitians, as well as lovely and practical machine sewn items made in the states by friends of Haiti Share.

Our Faith Reaches Higher: a Haiti Share Prayer

Integrity comes from abiding in Christ; Wisdom comes from studying God's Word.


Nov 5, 2013: To our director of Haitian operations: "My biggest satisfaction is the fact that I know with confidence that your leadership skills and the team are growing rapidly.  You  and the team are my inspiration!  I love you and the Haiti Share ministry.  Always remember the humble beginning of this ministry and God is raising you guys up to be his hands and feet in this challenging land. You guys are the change our nation is greatly in need of."
...from Dr. J.S. Volcy, leadership conference speaker

Recent Events

Haiti Share Fifth Annual Leadership Conference

Our fifth annual leadership conference was held on November 1, 2013. Around 500 young leaders attended the conference, which was held at Centre de Reveil de Mariani, CHO, Carrefour, Haiti. The speaker was Dr. Julio Volcy, Executive Director of Teen Challenge/Haiti and founder of Hope Outreach International. The topic was "The Challenge of Change."

conference photo

Radio Lumiere holds a one hour interview with Haiti Share representatives.

meeting at radio station

On Oct. 29, 2013 Radio Lumiere, a Christian radio station in Haiti with a listening audience of hundreds of thousands, even millions, of Creole speaking people throughout the world, held a one hour interview with Haiti Share representatives. Topics included the upcoming leadership conference, other Haiti Share programs and the Haiti Share vision.

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What we believe Haitians need most:

- a strong faith in God that includes the realization that hard work, proactivitiy and obedience to Biblical principles are as important as prayer

- a good education, including training in leadership skills and entreprenuership

- respect and dignity

- hope that inspires young Haitians to want to stay in Haiti and become an agent for positive change in their country

- infrastructure

- access to credit


Dr. Ben Carson, a Model for Young Haitians

Sept 13, 2013: Measuring Ourselves by the Haiti Share Tag Line

...more leadership articles

How we are trying to meet those needs, so far...

Leadership Training

College and trade school tuition for young Haitians

Sponsorships for elementary school children

Community outreach programs for adults and children


In 2012, Haiti Share's programs touched the lives of more than 1,300 young Haitians. All Haiti Share community outreaches to children and adults are planned and carried out by our trainees as a vital part of their own training.



Recommendations for Viewing and Reading


Gifted Hands (the story of Dr. Ben Carson)


All of the Ben Carson books
When Helping Hurts: Steve Corbett and Brian Fikker talk about how to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor.... more

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