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Dr. Jules

Date: Nov. 1, 2014

Place: Mariani Centre de Reveil, Carrefour, Haiti

Speaker: Dr. Lesly Jules; Owner and Executive Coach, CSL-Consulting, specializing in entrepreneurship & organizational development.

Dates: Aug 25 - 29, 2014

It takes only $10 to give a child

  • Grounding in moral values
  • Five snacks & five hot lunches
  • The good news of Jesus

Our Bible day camps are planned and carried out by our leadership team. Our theme this year is "Children can serve God with integrity."

The 2 minute video shown here was filmed and produced by a young Haitian in our leadership training program. See also Behind the Scenes, a 6 minute YouTube video showing the process of preparing for a Haiti Share Bible day camp.

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leadership team

The first fruits of Haiti Share is our leadeship team, whom we are funding in college or trade school. The success of all our other programs rests on their hard work.

junior Haiti Share childrenIn addition to their school education, our sponsored children are receiving training from our leadership team each Saturday morning.

Sponsor a Child

For $20 per month you can partner with parents to ensure their child receives an elementary school education.


Josette is a junior in business administration at a Port-au-Prince university.

graduate working at cyber cafe
Jeff completed our computer classes last year and now has a full time job at a local Internet cafe.

A division of Haiti Share



  • Crocheted items made by Haitian women
  • Handicrafts made by a variety of third world country artisians
  • Donated handicrafts made by members of TX Hearts for Haiti.


  • Donate your own crafts
  • Host a sales event
  • Design our publications

visitors June 2014

Visitors from Nebraska visited our training center in June and taught the children in our Saturday classes.

On July 10-13 we hosted three pastors in our guest facilities while they were attending the Christian Haitian Outreach pastor's conference.

talent show

Around 180 neighbor-hood children are participating in Haiti Share's monthly talent shows.

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join hands

     Join Hands with Young Haitians

More than an organization, Haiti Share is a belief. A belief that Haitians can come out of their desperate poverty and can do it in a way that retains all that is lovely in their culture. If you believe this too, we invite you to become a part of making it happen.


Our brothers and sisters in Haiti may be poor materially, but they are rich in other ways. We need what they have to give us. If we join hands, we can learn from each other.

young HaitianTEACH THEM

YOUR knowledge and skills can enable young Haitians to become self-supporting.

YOUR experience can give them the understanding they need to develop entreprenuerial vision.

YOUR wisdom can help them become competent leaders with integrity.

What we teach young adults now, they will teach the next generation.

Dr. Volcy photo"Always remember the humble beginning of this ministry, and God is raising you guys up to be his hands and feet in this challenging land. You guys are the change our nation is greatly in need of."

...to our leadership team from Dr. J.S. Volcy, executive director of Haiti Teen Challenge

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