Community Programs

Training Center

Our computer lab is open Monday through Saturday to our sponsorsed students and community members who have taken our Microsoft and Internet Basics class

trainng center

Children also use our facilities to practice for the monthly talent show.


Classes for Adults

computer class

We offer classes for adults at the training center in the following subjects:

  • Microsoft and Internet Basics
  • Computer Repair
  • English
  • Music

See also our children's programs

Microenterprise Loans

We are providing microenterprise loans to some of the parents of the children in our Junior Haiti Share program. Loans average around $250 each.

Clauvens store

After receiving a microenterprise loan from Haiti Share, Clauvens was able to open a store in his house. He has repaid the loan and his business is doing well.

Haiti Share Creations

Seven ladies in Haiti are crocheting a variety of beatiful hand-crafted items, which we sell in the U.S.A. through Texas Hearts for Haiti, a division of Haiti Share.

ladies doing crafts


Prayer Meetings

Prayer is vital to our work, and we encourage it in every way we can.

Noon Prayer in the Training Center

Each noon, Monday through Friday, everyone who is in the computer lab stops what they are doing and joins in prayer for 10 or 15 minutes.

"Pray without Ceasing" prayer group

Thursday afternoon from 4 PM to 6 PM is a prayer meeting attended by around 12 people, including some of our sponsored students and some faithful community members. The chief topics of prayer are:

  1. A strong leadership team in Haiti and in the states.
  2. More jobs and job creation in Haiti
    Enlargement of the Haiti Share vision, with more ideas, finances and resources.


Haiti Share holds seminars for the community on a variety of topics. past subjects have included networking, entreprenuerism, principles of microloans, organizing for success, human rights, and environmental protection.


Evangelism Outreach

In 2016, Haiti Share started holding an annual evangelism outreach to other communities.

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