Directions for using the Breaking News English website

1.  Go to

2.  Choose your level (you can change your level if you find it is too easy or too hard)

3.  Choose an article. Right click and choose "open in new tab."

4.  Find the column that says “READ.” It will say “Print/Get” OR “26-page lesson OR “2-PAGE mini LESSON. Click on one of those. It will be a pdf file. 

5. Go to File – save as – and save the pdf file. Use the date of the article and the level as the name.  For example “4 May, Level2.”   Save it to the folder named “BreakingNewsEnglish”.   If there not a folder named “BreakingNewsEnglish,”create one or ask the training center monitor to help you create one.  This will enable you to read the file even if you lose the Internet connection.

6.  Find the column that says "LISTEN."Sometimes you will be able to choose USA/Canada, sometimes you won’t.  Choose a speed.

7. Choose "save target as" and save to the “BreakingNewsEnglish folder.”  Save with date, Level and speed.  For example “4 May, Level 2, medium.  Now you will be able to listen to the mp3 file even if you lose the Internet connection. 

8.  Go to the folder named “BreakingNewsEnglish.” Open the pdf file, and open the mp3 file.

9. Listen while you read. We recommend that you stay with the same chapter until you are able to understand what you hear without reading the words.

10. If you have trouble understanding the English, use Google translate. You can copy the English and the French or Creole to a document so you can work offline.

10. You can also use the questions on the website to increase your understanding.

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