Leadership Development

The Principles We Teach

small group at conference

In all our teaching, whether formally or informally we strive to teach and model
the "First Principles" of Haiti Share

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Mental Focus
  • Clear Communication

We also strive to impart other essential values such as humility, hard work, responsibility, service, courage and endurance, faithfulness and love.

Always remember the humble beginning of this ministry and God is raising you guys up to be his hands and feet in this challenging land. You guys are the change our nation is greatly in need of."
...from Dr. Julio Volcy, Executive Director of Teen Challenge-Haiti

Large Scale Conferences

conference large group

Between 450 and 500 leaders and potential leaders from the broader community attend our annual leadership conferences.


Training Retreat

teacher at retreat

The three day annual traning retreat focuses on applying Biblical principles to daily life. It is offered to our sponsored students and young Haitians who volunteer their help to our programs.

Team Projects

team leading music at Bible camp

Team participation provides strength and support for its members. It builds communication skills. It gives members experience in planning and carrying out team outreaches to children and adults.

Bible camp music

Being a part of a team also provides a network of contacts which we hope will aid team members in obtaining a job. The team is an ongoing “family” in which members can remain as long as they have the desire to do so.

Youth Leadership Classes

youth at leadership class

Young people in the community in which we work are invited to attend our weekly leadership classes.

Our new sponsored students participate in a 6-month weekly training program. Topics include:

  • Haiti Share's values and principles
  • Rules and regulations regarding school enrollment and keeping your scholarship
  • Taking their opportunity to be educated seriously
  • How to choose a field of study and a profession, including identifying your talents and gifts
  • How to study effectively
  • What money is and how we can use it wisely,
  • The value of the money the students receive for school,
New students are also enrolled in Haiti Share's computer and English classes as well as participating in all team projects.

Outside Meetings

We send some of our students and our graduates to conferences and meetings in Haiti that help them connect with Haitian leaders.

Haiti Broilers prayer meeting

Haiti Broiler's Monthly Prayer Meeting, attended by non-profit and for-profit leaders in Haiti

Raymond and leader of Rethink Haiti

ReThink Haiti

group lecture leadership institute

The Leadership Institute

Disaster Relief

Whenever we receive funds for disasters in Haiti, our sponsored students work with churches to provide food, clothing and building materials to victims.

supplies to hurricane victims

supplies to Jeremie