Birth of Haiti Share:2007

Original Team

In late June, 2007, nine young Haitians volunteered to help Betty Harmsen teach a one-week vacation Bible school. At the end of the week, they shared with her their hopes, for their own futures and for the future of Haiti.

Out of this conversation, a shared vision was born; a vision for an organization that would help young Haitians attain spiritual, intellectual and emotional maturity, that would help them become self-supporting, and that would help them relieve the suffering of their fellow Haitians. Betty called home, her husband gave his wholehearted financial support, and the nine young volunteers became the first Haiti Share team.

That was Friday, June 29, 2017,the day we celebrate the birth of Haiti Share.







Haiti Share training center

Haiti Share was incorporated in Texas on January 9, 2008 and received 501(c)(3) status later that year.

The fledging organization rented space in a house to serve as a training center, equiped it with laptops and other equipment, started a leadership training program and began sponsoring a couple of students in local Port-au-Prince universities.




  • June 29, birth of Haiti Share
  • First annual Bible camp
  • First assistance to high school students on team
  • First assistance to team members in English classes


  • Haiti Share incorporated in Texas, and board of directors established
  • First annual team training retreat
  • First student supported in university


  • First annual leadership conference
  • Created the position of director of Haitian operations


  • First relief efforts carried out by team (after earthquake)
  • The start of Junior Haiti Share classes
  • First addition to the original Haiti Share team


  • First Christmas party for neighborhood children
  • First volunteer to come to Haiti
  • First university graduate
  • First sponsors for children in Junior Haiti Share
  • First graduate to obtain a full-time job


  • Started noon prayer in the training center
  • First course in computer skills offered at our training center


  • First interview with Radio Lumiere
  • Start of the Haiti Share crafts program


  • First monthly talent show for neighborhood children
  • Start of the microenterprise loan program
  • First Haiti Share bimonthly seminar
  • First high school graduate in our Jr. Haiti Share program


  • First course in English held in at the training center
  • First weekly leadership training course for new students
  • Started Thursday afternoon prayer meetings


  • Created a financial committee
  • First out of town relief trip
  • Haiti share's first mission trip


  • First group of students enrolled in heavy truck school
  • June 29, 2017: tenth anniversary and start of eleventh year



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